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Whether you’re just entering the world of weightlifting or have been working out for quite some time, everyone wants to know how to build muscle faster.

Building muscle is tough.

It takes a lot of time and even more patience. however, we’ve put together 6 simple strategies to build muscle faster so you can achieve your fitness goals!

Eat A High-Protein Diet

Probably the most important strategy of the six we're going to talk about today.

everyone's heard the classic line you can't out-train a bad diet.

Fueling your body with enough calories and nutrients will help to build muscle.

Make sure you eat lots of protein, fresh vegetables, and lots of water to hydrate. If you want to build muscle, you need to pay attention to what you put in your body.

Protein is so highly talked about because it's the main nutrient the body needs to repair, build and preserve muscle.

Monitoring your diet and making sure that it's filled with high-quality proteins, whole foods and a combination of fast and slow-digesting carbohydrates means you're on the right track for faster muscle gains.

Try and include these high Protein foods into your diet

  • Chicken breast

  • lean beef mince

  • Salmon

  • Protein Powder

  • Turkey Breast

  • Cod

Take Advantage of Time Under Tension (TUT)

Adding weight to the bar is not the only way to build muscle although it is the most well-known way.

It is also important to Increase time under tension, otherwise known as TUT is a great way to build muscle faster.

TUT is an underutilized technique some people don't even talk about it when speaking about progressive overload or building more muscle.

Increasing TUT allows you to use time/Tempo which makes your muscles think they are doing more work with a heavier load (When the muscle is fatigued) when in reality it allows you to avoid large weight jumps but still works to break down the muscle tissue in a similar way more weight would which ultimately makes the muscle stronger and bigger.

Hers is a simple example of TUT:- If you normally do 10 reps with 10kg then try and do 10 reps with 10kg and each rep should take 6 seconds to complete.

Give It Your All

If you want to build muscle fast you’ve got to give it your all when in the gym.

like we said before Progressive overload isn't the only way to build muscle however it will get you there faster, but lifting heavy weights means you have to use a bit more effort to move the new heavier weights.

Are you pulling with all your strength? Are you pushing with all your might? Are you resting with less energy in between sets? If you want to develop muscle in the quickest way possible, you must give it you're all in the gym. Before and during my sessions I like to make sure all my clients remind about their overall goal this usually gives them the extra incentive to push a little harder during the next set or during the rest of the workout Utilize Proper Technique Proper technique when lifting weights is essential for building muscle. Use the proper form by lifting the weight with your legs, not your back for example exercising with proper technique.

  1. Allows you to engage the correct muscles

  2. Prevents injuries

  3. Develops strength quickly.

It also allows you to reduce the additional exercises you may have to perform if you were to perform exercises without proper technique. Have time Away From Heavy Weights Lifting heavier usually always leads to more muscle gains but it can also impact muscle gain too, you need to lay off the weights so that your body has enough time to optimally recover if you're using heavyweight all the time. Pushing your body to its limit isn't always the way to go so you must use De-loads, breaks and different exercises to enhance your training, this allows you more time to Focus on other things like time under tension, better repetition execution and recover add some of these things into your training and you'll be surprised at how fast your body gains muscle. Work Out Consistently and Steadily, Don't Take Too Many Delays Working out consistently is more beneficial than going to the gym once in a while. So, work out consistently and steadily. Taking too many delays will leave you less time to build muscle. for muscle building to be most optimal you have to train with little to no gaps so that your muscles get enough stimulation and if you are taking days off then you're slowing the process down.

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